Common Earthing Sysems

Single Path End Connected

Inadequate for lightning as only one path is provided. Very high ground voltages will be experienced at the injuctiuon point.

Single Path Centre Connected

Provides two paths for the lightning current to travel. Offers a lower impedance but should not be considered suitable for a lightning protection system.

Radical Earth with Single Radials

This design is well suited for a lightning protection system in areas of average resistivity. Provides multiple paths for a lightning current to travel.

Radical Earth with Multiple Radials

 Crows foot design is ideal for a lightning earth as it allows the energy to travel in multiple paths whilst offering lower impedance.

Deep Driven Earth

Best suited to areas with limited space and high pedestrian traffic. The use of a sleeve adds to the safety

Grid Earth

Typically used where there is a high usage of electrical equipment. The grid earth can dissipate currents over a large area.

Grid with Earth Rods

The installation of earth rods in conjuction with a grid will further assist in providing lower resistivity levels.

Ring Earth

Ideal for telecommunications sites or other high voltage installations. The use of a ring earth reduces the risks of step and touch potentials.