Copper Pipe Electrode

JK Electrode consists of a primary earthing electrode (outer pipe) of 99.9% pure Copper pipe. The hollow space of the electrode is duly filled with a highly conductive and non-corrosive compound which safeguards the secondary electrode getting corrode over a long period of time under the soil.

Also the compound ensures the easy distribution of leakage/fault current lands on the electrode. Both the ends of the electrode are permanently sealed and the top portion of the earth electrode is compressed to form an extended lead with 2 holes on the terminal for connecting to the load/equipment

Copper Bonded Pipe Electrode

Technical Specification

Outer Dia
Copper Pipe
JK 250C200047-50true
JK 350C300047-50true
JK 263C200060-63 true
JK 363C300060-63 true
JK 280C200077-80true
JK 380C300077-80true