Earth Pit Chamber

Earth Pit Chamber
(Lightweight, Heavy duty inspection pit)

The lightweight, heavy duty earth pit chamber with its unique design has resulted in performance capabilities superior to the traditional concrete pit, at a similar cost. Manufactured from a high performance polymer, the lightweight, heavy duty earth pit chamber is UV stable and chemical resistant. The lightweight earth pit chamber weighs only one tenth of the conventional concrete pit yet is load rated to an impressive 5,000 kg. It has a lockable lid and improved working area compared to the concrete inspection Pit. In addition, the features incorporated within its design ensure ease of storage, reduced transportation costs, ease of installation and ease of subsequent inspection and testing of the earth electrode system, therefore providing significant practical benefits to both installers and the customers.

Feature & Benefits

The earth pit weights only one tenth in comparison with a massive 30 kg for a concrete pit.

Safe working load of 5,000 kgs or more superior to that of the traditional concrete pit.

Once installed the lid can be locked to prevent tampering with the earth electrode. Once locked, the design of the lid is such that debris cannot become jammed between the lid and the surround.

The high performance polymer is significantly less
brittle than concrete, reducing the likelihood of
wastage due to breakages

Resistant to most substances, including petrol, oil, diesel, bitumen and concrete

UV additive minimizing the effects of direct sunlight.

Capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures.

A larger working area, with improved access, simplifies both initial installation and subsequent inspection

This ensure that the Earth Rod is centrally positioned,
simplifying earth clamp connection.

The stainless steel, rustproof screws may be snapped into the lid, preventing loss whilst in storage or on site.

An earth bar may be inserted in the pit to allow for multiple connections to the earth rod.

Fully Compliant to the manufacturing quality standards


At Top (Dia) = 155 mm
At Bottom (Dia) = 210 mm
Height = 240 mm



At Top (Dia) = 254 mm
At Bottom (Dia) = 330 mm
Height = 260 mm



At Top Length = 440 mm, Width = 300 mm
At Bottom Length = 534 mm, Width = 400 mm
Height = 310 mm



At Top Length = 570 mm, Width = 400 mm
At Bottom Length = 660 mm, Width = 490 mm
Height = 320 mm